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When it rains, it pours

Last week we were blessed with 5” of rain in 48 hours. Although it made for a muddy mess, we celebrate that the creek is running, Britton Creek, and our pond is full. These are signs that our underground aquifers are finally filling and returning to some normalcy. I had forgotten how refreshing and relaxing it is to listen to the water run through the woods. Britton Creek eventually returns to the Applegate river which joins the Rogue river where salmon run and fishing is phenomenal.

The intense rain brought a few unexpected “fun” things to contend with on the farm too. Reminders of how mother nature is in charge and being ready for winter really pays off. Our farm stand sprung a leak at the wood stove pipe which was quickly repaired by our awesome handy man, Ken, but not before we collected 4” of rain in buckets placed around the wood stove. I also fell victim to a nasty cold which made doing chores in the storm merciless.

All is well now, however as we head into February. Our chickens have continued to lay 2+ dozen eggs a day, he greenhouse is ready for propagation, seed orders are funneling in and we are now accepting CSA orders for summer veggie boxes. Spring is just around the corner!

Carrie Juchau