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Bumble Bee Watch Citizen Science

Bumble Bees play a critical role in pollination on the farm. They are often the first bees out in spring and last to disappear in winter. That is because they can pollinate in cooler temperatures than honey bees. Most nest in the ground so protecting habitat for nesting is particularly important. During their busy season however, they simply find a flower to nap on overnight as the sun goes down and then they continue pollinating at dawn.

Here at Daily Blessings Farm, we have identified three Bumble Bees: 1) the Vosnesenskii Bumble Bee, 2) the Van Dyke Bumble Bee, and 3) the Yellow Head Bumble Bee

Many species of bumble bees, however, are in danger of extinction. One way you can help is to participate in what is called Citizen Science. This helps scientists identify different species in different areas of the world. If you would like to help, and this is a very fun project for kids over summer, sign up at Bumble Bee Watch.

Carrie Juchau