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Who We Are

Who We Are...

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Daily Blessings Farm

We encourage a slower pace of life: appreciating the land’s beauty, flavors and aroma’s while growing positive relationships in the community. We value the smiles of children at play, looking out for each other, and know that saying hello with a smile says “Welcome” better than any doormat.

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Established in 2018, Daily Blessings Farm was once a family homestead settled in 1974 by the Smith Family. The Smith’s eldest daughter, Carrie, has returned to Grants Pass after working in public education for 14 years. Carrie hopes to share her passion for agriculture education and building community with her small family-owned farm. 

Daily Blessings Farm produces organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs and cut flowers while incorporating strategies to protect pollinators, be wildlife friendly, restore creek health and manage the existing ecosystems on our land.

Carrie's mother and well-known stained glass artist, Katie Smith, contributes her talents with garden art, flower arranging and handmade Petal People Greeting Cards that are created from dried flowers and other natural materials found on the farm.